LeBron James makes a fundamental decision about his looks on latest IG post

For many years, even LeBron James' peers gave him hell about his non-existent hairline. He was determined to make it remain despite all the bullying he was getting for keeping it, the obvious choice was to go completely bald

Now that he is about to start a new year in the NBA, the 'King' finally made the decision to go completely bald.

Michael Jordan made this choice early in his career and it worked for him, James now has to get used to this look but he is still keeping his beard.

In a recent Instagram story, James posted a picture of his new bald head with the massive beard still intact. It is still unclear if he'll leave it like that for the entire season but he can finally rest easy that no more jokes about his hairline will happen.

It is unclear why LeBron James took so long to go bald if he was getting so much schtick about it. There is no evidence he refused to be compared to Michael Jordan if he made this choice.

However, there is good evidence that James was always keen on getting separated from the former Chicago Bulls star.

LeBron always wanted to create his own story and he can finally say he is set apart from any other NBA player in history. This year appears to be the one in which he'll become the league's all-time greatest scorer. Breaking this record with a bald head seems like a no-brainer at this point. But we still have to sit back and see if he'll keep the same look for the start of the season.

Due to how much expectation has been mounting for the start of a new season with the Lakers, James wants to make a lasting impression this time around. Deciding to go completely bald seems like the obvious thing to do now that he is finally going to be at the very top of the greatest stat in the NBA. If Kareem did it bald, it's time for James to do it bald.