Top Alternatives to Google Analytics in 2022


Everybody knows the importance of tracking the actions and chances taken on your website. It gives you the visibility that how perfect your marketing analysis and your work are going. An analytics tool reveals the insights about your site and gives you an idea that how will you get through. You’ll find the best Alternatives to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a perfect one in this countdown that gives a better idea about site analytics but it may not be perfect in every circumstance. Due to some privacy issues incomplete data, complex learning interface will make you puzzle for a while.

Though Google Analytics is a widely used and extensive reporting tool for analytics of your website. There are a few options that you can consider as alternatives to Google analytics.

  1. HubSpot
  2. Woopra
  3. Mixpanel
  4. Piwik PRO Analytics Suite
  5. FoxMetrics
  6. W3counter
  7. Gauges
  8. Clicky

HubSpot Marketing Analytics

Hubspot Alternatives to Google Analytics

Hubspot is a perfect alternative to Google analytics with CRM-powered marketing. It includes all data about your site full website analytics, traffic sources, page performance, conversations, and more.

Features of Hubspot.

  • Task management and contract deal
  • engagement notifications and Email tracking and
  • scheduling and Email templates
  • Live chat
  • Document sharing
  • Sales quotes
  • Meeting scheduling



Woopra offers different four main categories of data, retention, trends, journeys, and traffic. The main thing is to understand user actions on the web pages and predict their customer journey across the different touchpoints so you can increase retention and engagement. Woopra provides one-click integration with other systems in one place such as salesforce, google ads so you can approach all the data in one panel.



Mixpanel is a bit different from conventional web devices because it is based on the fact that the user’s action speaks beyond the page. With that in mind, you can build useful tools that show how users navigate your products and your website (and compare users, with that in mind). Break intuitively so you can easily find valuable prices.


  • Interactive reports
  • Team dashboard and alerts
  • Limitless segmentations
  • Group Analytics
  • Data management
  • Data integration
  • Scalable infrastructure

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite


When it comes to security and privacy then Piwik PRO Analytics Suite (PPAS) is the best option as an alternative to Google analytics. This is perfect for caring departments like government, finance, and healthcare that need to treat the customer with special care.

You can use PPAS to detect user behavior across all computers, phones, applications, and intranets, including signal fields, for example. in business practices. PPAS also gives you complete control over your data and how it is stored – on-prem, or in a public or private cloud. Piwik PRO Licensing Administrator can also be used to ensure that it collects data by all applicable laws.



FoxMetrics takes online analytics to the next level, which allows you to create more common data types so that you can take your reviews better than Google Analytics. With this in mind, it is best for advanced users who know SQL.

Once the modules are ready, you will be able to create a nice dashboard and even create alerts when your system detects an error, which gives you real-time handling of such issues.



If you want to monitor the health of your website, W3counter provides detailed information about your website traffic on a good dashboard. With this system, you can get to know your most popular pages, understand more about your visitors, and follow the path of your website.



Gauges are a great choice in Google Analytics, which gives you an overview of the traffic coming to your website. It comes with the ability to create a winning model, which allows you to get visual tours, track business activity, and analyze revenue. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the real-time data sharing for specific areas without updating the dashboard.


Clicky is famous for its real-time traffic tool; you can have a good view of real-time engagement on your website. Clicky can track every activity with one complete visitor.

Temperature maps help you get an overview of the time of each page as well as the event for each visitor. Overall, this is one of the best options for Google Analytics.

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