How to monetize Web Stories

How to monetize Web Stories

I know you’ve been through all your web stories and are now struggling to find a way to monetize them so you can earn from them. Google web stories could be monetized by Google ads or AdSense for you so that you can get money from your web stories. It isn’t that hard to monetize your web stories. You just need to follow these simple steps and you will be able to monetize your web stories instantly. 

Make sure your website is already approved by Google Adsense so it will be easy for you to monetize your website. As we all know, you need to add the Google Adsense ad script to your website’s code so Google can analyze your website. So make sure you’ve been through all the steps already. After that, all the things on your blog and stories will be approved by Google Adsense and you can earn money from both of them.

How to monetize web stories

Google web stories attract large amounts of traffic from Google and could be a great chance for you to set ads and monetize your traffic. Here is the full guide that explains how you can monetize your audience.

Step 1: Open Web Stories settings, seek the “Data Sharing Opt-in” option, and check it.

How to monetize Web Stories

Step 2: Scroll down to monetization and choose Adsense to connect your web stories account to Google Ads or Adsense. 

Step 3: Here you need to put in two kinds of information. The first is your publisher id, and the second is your unit code that will be found in your Adsense account.

web stories settings

Step 4: Open your Google Adsense account and go to the AD section, then click on the ad section option. You can either create a new or use an existing ad unit.

adsense settings

Step 5: Click on the “Get Code” icon near the pencil icon to preview the code and get your pub number and unit code.

ad unit

Step 6: Now get back to your Web stories settings and fill up the information by copying it from your ad unit code. Try to follow the example that is mentioned below regarding the code format and save the settings. Here you have successfully completed your web story monetization settings. 

Furthermore, important details about Google Web Stories

Here are a few important details about Google Web Stories that will help you attract more traffic and rank faster.

  • Try to publish stories on trading topics. This way, your stories will be indexed faster, so you can get more traffic from discovery.
  • Copying someone else’s content could prevent you from being indexed or ranked, so be aware and try to provide high-quality content.
  • It could take more than 2 weeks for your story to be found in Google Discover, so try to be patient as the competition is increasing.
  • If you’re having problems with indexing Web stories, then keep working on sitemaps. Try instant indexing to index your stories instantly.
  • Try to use copyright-free images and templates that can be found in the Web Stories template section.

The Conclusion

Here is the full explanation of how to monetize web stories just by following a few simple steps. If your stories are not showing ads, then just wait for them to be indexed. Try instant indexing to index your web stories as they’re published.


Q1: Can we monetize web stories with AdSense?

Exactly! You can monetize your web stories with Google Adsense. 

Q2: How to Rank Google Web Stories?

Try to publish stories on trending topics with high-quality content so you can get Google’s attention and earn more money.

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