How to make money blogging in 3 months

Here’s a quick secret that how to make money blogging in 3 months. If you have started your blog or are thinking of starting right now, you should consider a few quick ways and set a better roadmap to enhance your earnings. There are a lot of bloggers who have started their blogs but haven’t yet received their first income. Here I’m going to express my personal experience that will surely help you generate your income in just 3 months. 

Blogging could be the best option for your independent income. If you spend 3 hours per day on your blog, it will help you generate your first income in 3 months. Putting in a little bit more effort would enhance your income more. There are a few simple and basic SEO steps and tricks that will help you rank your website easily. This guide will help you to make money blogging in 3 months. 

Why can’t we make money quickly on Adsense?

Before we know about how to make money blogging in 3 months, let’s figure out a few reasons why we are not able to generate our first income. 

As we already know, by joining the Adsense monetization plan, you can monetize your traffic and get paid by Google. Google will pay you by CPC and RPM. Having low clicks and impressions on your ADs won’t give you much money as you expect. That’s why a few bloggers are still not able to manage their first income in the first 3 months. Let’s see the ways you can make money blogging in 3 months. 

How to make money blogging in 3 months

make money blogging in 3 months

As a new blogger, you need to work through a few ways to attract more traffic to your website to make your first income. But if you haven’t started a blog yet, then we have a full roadmap so you can get a full idea of where you are going to take your next move.

1st Month: Set up your website and blogs

Are you going to start a blog? Here’s how you can quickly take it up and get your income. 

First, get a domain and hosting. Install WordPress and get done with basic WordPress customizations. After that, design your theme and put your website live on the Google Search Engine. 

If you are done with the design and structure of your website, keep in mind that your only goal is to make money. Along with this goal, you’ll be focusing on your earnings. 

Give importance to keywords

 Keywords play a very important role in SEO. Choosing the wrong keyword won’t give you enough traffic to generate more income from your blog. There are a few things you need to consider before choosing keywords. 

  • Choose low competitive keywords.
  • Don’t worry if the volume is low.
  • Consider SERP volume.

Suppose you choose a primary keyword with just 100 visits per month. It also includes
secondary keywords, which have 20 to 50 volumes per month. They all target 500 monthly visits if you rank in the top.  

This is how you can target your specific audience with these low competitive keywords.

Make sure that you have done your competitor and keyword analysis in your first month of blogging. Make a report that might help you remember your work and details. start publishing blog posts in the 2nd month. 

2nd Month: Publish Blogs

This is the time when you’re going to focus on publishing your articles. 1 or 2 posts per day would be enough. It means you’ll get more than 30 posts at the end of the month. Consider these points while writing your articles.

  • Articles must be Unique
  • The article must be High-Quality which clear the idea
  • Your article must fulfill the intent of your readers
  • Target specific keywords to optimize your blog
  • Don’t spin your content

As you already know, content is king on blogging websites. There shouldn’t be any mistakes in your content that make it low-quality. 

Last Month: Improve Your Backlinking Profile. 

This is the last turn you have to make. Try to get Do-follow backlinks from high DA, PA, or unique sites. Off-Page SEO is a very essential part of SEO that can’t be denied. Try these ways below to make high-quality backlinks.

  • Social Media bookmarking
  • Submission sites
  • Guest posting
  • Forum Posting
  • Direct linking
  • Email Marketing

Use these methods to create backlinks. Use these tricks so you can get your first income in just 3 months from your blogging website. 

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