How to check broken links free in 2022

  • How to check broken links in 2022?
  • Where to find broken links on our site?
  • How to use Google analytics?
  • How to use Google console?

If you have a website, I am sure you have put in the hard work and long hours to make it a valuable resource for your visitors. But if your links don’t work, they can take away all your hard work. To avoid these problems, you should regularly check for broken links in your entire website. If you are wondering how to do this, you are not alone. The good news is that we have done this work and we have reported everything step by step, it is easy to follow, which we hope you will find useful. So here is a complete guide to help you find and repair broken links on your website.

Check broken links

There are several tools you can use to identify broken links, most of which are free.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is a great free tool for tracking website activity, and it helps to find broken links easily. First, log in to your Google Analytics account and click on Behavior. Then select “Site Content” and “All Pages.”

Make sure you set a time limit for the time you want to watch. If you are looking for broken links every month, set a monthly time from the time you finish searching.

broken links

Then when you scroll down, you will see the view options. It will probably be set to the default “Page”, but make sure you select “Page Title.”

You can then create a page title page. Click on the “advanced” option as shown below:

broken links

In the “Advanced” window, set your screen to include> Page title> Insert> “404-page title,”

Once you click “Submit”, you will find one or more page titles with that name. Since this was only a month, we only have one.

Click on the title of the page itself and you will see the broken links appearing on that 404 page:

In the full-screen view, above, we can see that error 404 happened 2,071 times, and below, if we were to go down, we will see that it happened on page 964:

You can send this report to a spreadsheet and edit links if you know all of your websites or create a redirect to the target page.

All sorts of missing or broken links will result in 404-page errors. Most websites have a simple message, but it is a good way to take action on the visitor. You can add a link to your home page, blog home page, or contact us at.

By Google console

The easiest way is to use the Google search console to find and edit all 404 pages. To view a list of all 404 pages, you can log in to your Google search token account and click Crawl errors under analysis. Click unknowingly, and you will see a list of all the links that caused the 404 error.

Click on any URL, and you will find all the pages where the broken link is connected. You can manually edit these links and allow Google to play your blog again

If you see broken external links due to incorrect spelling or if you have modified something, you can contact the owner to repair or redirect the link 301 and set up your blog to move that link to the original link.

404 url not found

• You can use the WordPress redirect plugin to set the navigation path.

• You can also use the broken link verification plugin to find all the broken links within your WordPress blog.

• A computer tool called Integrity for Mac can be used to find broken connections

Depending on the size of the blog, this may be a long-term process, but over time, this will be good for your readers and more important for the machine. Search; although this strategy will not tell you about broken external links from your blog. You should consider using other tools such as a broken link verification plugin or Sitebulb to retrieve those links.

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