How To Become A Forbes Contributor In 2022

How To Become A Forbes Contributor In 2022

This article will guide you through every step of how to become a Forbes contributor in 2022. If you have excellent writing and research skills or if your goal is to increase your backlink profile, Forbes would be a suitable website for you. There are a few steps that you should consider to be a Forbes contributor. With Forbes, you have an excellent platform to publish your ideas on the internet, and with its 95 DA, you could have high-quality backlinks. 

Forbes is known as a highly reputed American magazine company and is owned by integrated whale media investments and the Fobes family. At this rate, it’s clear that you need to be a professional in your profession to join Forbes. First, you need to get through their eligibility requirements to be a Forbes contributor. If you think you’re not, then you should consider the other ways that are mentioned below.

How To Become A Forbes Contributor In 2022

Forbes doesn’t show or officially announce any way to guest post there, but by following this guide you’ll be able to do this.

Join Forbes council 

How To Become A Forbes Contributor In 2022

The first way to achieve your Forbes contributor goal is to join the Forbes council program, which will directly lead you to become a Forbes contributor. But unfortunately, first, you need to get through their eligibility requirements to join the Forbes Council. Requirements are stated below. 

For senior-level executives,

  • Your company makes at least $1 million USD in revenue. or…
  • Your company has at least $1 million in financing.

For Business Or Non-Profit

  • candidates for the Business or Nonprofit Council must have annual revenues of at least $500,000.
  • Or, 3 years of experience working as a publicly acclaimed executive, leadership, or business coach.

If you fulfill these requirements, then you will make your way easily towards becoming a Forbes contributor.

Contact the current contributors

If you’re not eligible for current requirements, then you should reach out to currently working contributors and make connections. This way, you’ve got to find a way to join the contributor program.

Open Forbes and choose any article that is about your category or related to your profession.

There you can clearly see Forbes staff names, editors, or contributors’ names who have written that article.

There isn’t much contact information about this, but if you can search for that name on Google, then you might find them to contact.

This is how, if you manage to make connections with other contributors who are already working in the same profession as you, then you might get a chance to join the contributor program.

The Conclusion

To join Forbes’s contributor program, you need to get through their eligibility requirements. These requirements have two phases: one for senior-level executives and the second for business or non-profit. If you think you’re not eligible, then try the second way.


Q1: How much do Forbes contributors get paid?

Actually, contributors aren’t paid. Forbes staff, editors, and employees get paid for their work.

Q2: How to guest post on Forbes?

You need to be a Forbes contributor to guest post on Forbes.

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