Fiverr buyer request not showing in 2022

If a Fiverr buyer request is not showing up for you, then just know that you’re not the only person facing this. This problem(Fiverr buyer request not showing) doesn’t relate to any technical issue or bug. Actually, it is officially published by Fiverr, which is the result of Fiverr’s new updates that were released recently. That’s why whenever you click on the buyer’s request icon, it says ” Buyer request is no longer available, but it’s been replaced with something better. You’ll now get the highest quality orders from the most relevant buyers, strategically matched to you.”

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Fiverr is already prepared to release full updates that include more features, but Fiverr already revealed the buyer’s request, so we won’t rely on it anymore. There are further updates that are about to be known. Here we’re going to discuss all of them, and you will learn how you can take advantage of a new feature that was replaced by a buyer’s request.

Why is the Fiverr buyer request not showing?

In the latest updates of Fiverr, the buyer request is replaced by a buyer brief request, which is considered a more reliable and high-quality method to get clients by Fiverr. There are reasons why Fiverr removed buyer requests. Let’s discuss some of them.

Buyer Request wasn’t the best option for newcomers as they received so many low buyer requests. A seller on Fiverr who is already ranked or has been selling for a long time gets more buyer requests than a beginner. This way, a newcomer never gets a chance to grab orders quickly.

The second reason is a scam or misleading. At least some of the newcomers receive buyer requests, which is sufficient to fulfill 10 requests per day. They could be caught by some misleading scammers. Their intent is to lead you to Telegram, sell you to their own business, and profit from you by putting you in danger

That is why buyer request wasn’t the best option for everyone, and Fiverr decided to improve itself by replacing it with buyer brief request. Let’s see how it works.

How will the buyer’s brief request work?

In this case, a buyer needs to express his requirements as to what kind of work they want. He would explain everything, including the type of work he wanted to do, the budget, and the requirements. This brief won’t be approved directly. Fiverr will check if he’s not violating Fiverr’s policy, and then Fiverr will approve that brief. If anything is considered to violate the policies, the brief will be rejected.

After that, if the brief is approved, then Fiverr checks the keywords and tags that are in the gig’s content to see if there are any matching results. Or to see which sellers are compatible with this work. Then Fiverr will set that work for that seller.

Other updates on Fiverr

Now you can create milestones in your gig and divide your work into parts and define the budget for that particular part. This way, if you complete a part and deliver it, then you will get your payment after that. Milestone will just be applied to projects or gigs that have a basic package greater than $100. You can add up to five milestones. It is not available for every category; it is just for a few subcategories.

The second update is “Bring your own business”, which could be beneficial for you. You can bring your own clients to Fiverr who haven’t registered on Fiverr and get benefits from them.

  • As long as you’re working with that client, you don’t need to pay Fiverr’s 20% fee.
  • You can withdraw your payments instantly instead of waiting for them to be cleared.
  • Your ranking will be affected more if you have positive ratings from those clients.

The Conclusion

Nowadays, sellers aren’t able to open the buyer request option because it has been removed for a few reasons that are mentioned above. Fiverr’s new features will be replaced by buyer requests to improve the quality.

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