A new way to solve crawled – currently not indexed

crawled – currently not indexed

After finishing your content, you uploaded your pages to Google in order for them to appear, but now an irritating problem is bothering you. Additionally, as a result of this, nobody can view your results in Google search results. A lot of bloggers are facing (crawled – currently not indexed) problems in coverage reports of the Google Search console. First of all, I want to make sure that it’s not a technical error or bug/glitch.

crawled – currently not indexed

This error exactly means that there’s something wrong with your content or in your website’s page that google is not accepting your pages as usual. There are a few things to consider before sending your sitemaps to google for crawling requests. Let’s discuss these things and solve crawled – currently not indexed) the problem so you can continue your blogging journey.  

Before getting in deep into the solution we have to consider the reasons why we face these issues. By preventing these reasons, you won’t face this problem in the future for sure.  

why we face (crawled – currently not indexed) problem 

  • Low-quality content 
  • poorly designed websites 
  • Delayed indexing 
  • Duplicate content 
  • Dummy pages 

These are a few reasons that are why you face crawled – currently not indexed problem.  

First, take a look at how google crawls pages so you can solve this problem deeply. 

how does google crawl pages? 

Google bots arrive to examine your web pages once they are discovered live on Google. They store the data of your web pages which include texts, images, videos, and URLs of your pages. These bots are called spiders or crawlers. This is how your web page data is stored in a google index database after crawling.  

If you send your sitemaps to Google and you keep seeing crawled – currently not indexed in coverage, then it clearly indicates that the factors I have previously discussed are what caused your page. Let’s fix your crawled currently not indexed issue so you can continue your journey. 

How to fix crawled – currently not indexed 

This is a simple design or content issue with your website that may be resolved. Let’s dig in and see how can we fix it.  

Improve your content 

As we all know that content is the king of our blogging website. Having low–quality content could possibly be harming your site. Sometimes it’s so frustrating to write all the articles with your hands. So, most newbie bloggers choose other people’s content and then spin it before publishing it on their site. Spinning the content changes the structure of your words but it can’t change the meaning and the ideas behind the words. It’s not that hard for Google to figure it out.  

First of all, Rewrite the content or add some more unique material to your blog post and submit a request for crawling. At this rate, your unique content ratio will be increased and google will accept your content.  

poorly designed websites 

This is the second factor that prevents your pages to be indexed. If your pages are not SEO friendly and responsive then you might face this issue. Go ahead, fix your site’s awful design or install another theme that is better than the previous one. Google does really care about the user experience. Your site which is not properly designed, can’t be accepted by google.  

Don’t Copy 

Copying the content and putting it on your site won’t work. Google won’t accept duplicate content that’s why you aren’t able to index your pages. Remove all the content and try to publish unique posts. After crawling, there are 100 percent chances that your content won’t be rejected.  

Even if you have dummy pages on your website, simply be aware that this is another factor contributing to your problem. Fill up the content in your pages and request for crawling.  

Check if the URL is available on Google 

Sometimes it takes a little while longer to index the site so you better check the URL if it’s available on Google. If it is, then it means your page already started showing on Google Search Results and after a few days it’ll be indexed for sure. 

To check your URL, first, open Google Search Console and choose the coverage option.

google search console coverage

Now go for the Excluded menu where you can find crawled – currently not indexed error.

exclude report
crawled – currently not indexed

Here you can check your URL by tapping on inspect URL icon. 

not indexed url
URL is not on google

The Conclusions. 

Focus on the quality of your content and you won’t face any issues in indexing your website. Google gives so much preference to content. Even you won’t be able to get Google AdSense Approval if you keep spinning and posting the content on your website. There would be a little bit of delay for indexing your website pages but it won’t exceed more than 7 days. If it does, then you better understand what’s the problem.  

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