7 Solutions (your site isn’t ready to show ads)

Discover what you need to fix and how to create an AdSense-ready site. There are many reasons that may cause this issue.  When you apply your site to AdSense, you will receive a message that your site is not ready for ads. It doesn’t mean you are rejected from getting AdSense approval. It means your site isn’t ready to show ads for AdSense approval.  

your site isn't ready to show ads 

Reasons for your site isn’t ready to show ads

  • Your site is unreachable 
  • It May be a policy violation 
  • Enough unique content or provide a good user experience 
  • Code is missing or incomplete  

Your site is unreachable. 

  • It may be caused due to an incorrect URL. First, check the URL. If it is not correct, then remove the URL from the site’s list
  • Is your site live on the web? Make sure your site is up and running. 
  • Is your site accessible by AdSense without a password? Does AdSense have unrestricted access to your website? If your site requires a login, you might want to think about temporarily disabling the login so we can access it. After that, if your account has been successfully activated, you can create a crawler login to display Google ads on your login-protected pages. 
  • Make sure you are not blocking our crawler in your robots.txt file. 

Policy violation 

  • Before your site is ready there are policy violations that need to resolve.  

There is some top Ads violation 

  • Clicking your own Ads 
  • Using AdSense on prohibited content 
  • Sharing your earnings  
  • Placing Ads on 404 error pages 
  • Lack of privacy policy page 
  • Using Ads on content that encourage YouTube video downloading 
  • A monetizing website that is not user-centric 
  • Placing Ads with content in an unsupported language 
  • Placing Ads on copyright infringed content 

Enough unique content or provide a good user experience 

  • It is very important to provide valuable content to users and have a good user experience and navigational elements. Make sure before monetizing a site with AdSense. 

There are some steps to improve the user experience with well-crafted content. 

Have a great content writing team 

Make sure your content is helpful and useful for the visitors. Content should not be copied because it will not index the content due to copyright. It will show plagiarism. Choose the right tools and information to create good content that will provide value for your readers. By doing this, you’ll be able to solve (your site isn’t ready to show ads).

Have a related content feature   

At the end of the article, some websites often make the mistake of not providing relevant content to their users. Leaving some links related to the topic they just read is the best way to go. With this kind of information, the reader will be much happier. 

Use content formatting and writing tools to improve the user experience  

When it comes to user experience content formatting is critical. Be aware of the color and size of fonts. There are several tools online helping with not only formatting but also advice on writing, editing, and proofreading. 

Keep your message clear and concise 

For the ultimate user experience, lengthy and complicated content is not the best way. When the users visit the article, what they expect is the information that they will understand but it will make them stay and read the article. Your content should work for you not against you. 

You should always make sure the taste of the users.  

Get to know your users   

Before you do anything else, thoroughly research the audience for whom you are writing material. Learn about those visitors, their needs, and their motivations for coming to your website. Remember your article should not cause any difficulty for the users to understand. You cannot meet the needs of your users with simple information about them. For this reason, you should start by learning about their wants and desires. 

Make use of funnel analysis to create content that people need 

Funnel analysis is the best tool for analysis. Utilize Google Analytics to discover the areas where your users are most puzzled and what drives them away. After that analysis, you can easily know if there is an information gap and provide related content. This is how you’ll be able to figure it how you can solve it (your site isn’t ready to show ads).

Create a compelling voice  

It is critical to have a voice while communicating with your users through your content. so that people enjoy reading information that has some personality and makes them feel as though they are speaking to a genuine person. Without a strong voice, your material will probably be buried beneath other, better-written pieces and other distractions. Remember what you did wrong and that you could have done better than changing them right now. If your audience finds what they are reading to be entertaining, the user experience will be greatly improved. This is how you can solve it (your site isn’t ready to show ads).

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